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Remote Access Support (RAS)

Let Digi-Safe give you the quickest service for several issues at the best rate. With RAS Digi-Safe can be there for you no matter where you are in most cases. RAS is quick and simple, just follow these 4 steps and your in:

  •  Call Digi-Safe to get a technician (863-399-0468)
  •  Download and run (and save if you like) this file to your desktop   --> DSRemote.exe <--
  •  Your Technician should be with you shortly
  •  This file quits running when done and does not install anything.

    ...if you have any connection issues please turn off your firewall on the pc for the duration of the support call...

    Onsite, remote & drop off support

    A Laptop ComputerPrefered services can include training, upgrades, on-call support and more. Each customers needs are evaluated and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is written covering the needs and service to be coverd at a specified rate.

    General support is available on an on-call basis where hourly and office visit charges can apply as each visit requires. Normal service hours are from 8am to 4pm with outside availability at additional cost. Rates are based at $55/hour with a one one (1) hour minimum cost plusTravel/Office visit fees. T/O fees are based on distances of $15 per 25 mile for trave exceeding 50 miles rountrip from our main location in Sebring.